About Us


Sweet Family Bee is a bringer of love and happiness. We bring families closer, one package at a time. Wide categories such as personalized wood watch, custom engraved dog tags and family pendants come with good quality and competitive pricing via using of the latest jewelry making technology.

Our products are made right here in the USA... Hackettstown, New Jersey in fact. We proudly pay a living wage to all employees, which means that we pay enough to support the needs of the entire family from a single income. 

We get professional team of designers to turn meaningful messages into lovely pieces of jewelry. Factory procedures are well organized to bring about efficient service delivery. From the technical team right down to shipment agents that process check out of packages, we offer fast, professional and timely delivery as these aspects are major priorities required to satisfy all our clients.

We believe in feeling good about what we make. From the raw materials, to the design, to how it effects other people. Family owned and based in a small rural community, our wholesome products maintains goodness on all levels. Small in size but big on impact, we are a big picture company.